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Spiritual Energy Sessions

photo © 2020 by Elliott Landy.

photo © 2020 by Elliott Landy.

Elliott transmits a spiritual energy—a vibration—often tangible, which enables you to quickly go into a deep quiet meditative state. You experience a feeling of total Stillness which is the goal of meditation—you become part of ESSENCE.

This is different than a normal meditation class. The energy can be transformative. You can experience spiritual opening, centered awareness, deep relaxation, peace and wholeness. For some, it generates healing, for others, Chakra openings.

As this energy or vibration is not Elliott’s, you can access it yourself anytime. Elliott explains a very simple meditation technique which will help you use this energy to quickly feel better in times of stress, resolve deep-seated psychological issues, open your spiritual centers, and ultimately change your life and way of being.

Because Elliott does not direct the energy to do any specific thing, other than to help those in the room, it flows freely and finds the areas of a person which need to be empowered.

Elliott Landy

Elliott Landy

A SHARING STILLNESS session is different than other meditation groups in that there are no mantras, visualizations, physical postures or verbal guided meditation techniques used. You sit in a chair and receive the energy.  Elliott begins the energy transmission in front of the group and then goes around the room, focusing energy briefly on each person without physically touching them.

The energy transmitted innervates your energy field and helps you connect to the essential energy of life which you are part of. It is both within and outside of you. Connecting to it produces feelings of centered awareness, deep relaxation, peace and wholeness. You experience a renewal and reconnection with the essence of yourself, which is the not-self, the shared essential energy of life-a place of STILLNESS. Physical healings are sometimes experienced.

This Still, meditative space can be utilized in many ways to enhance your life. It will help you feel better during difficult times and ease the emotional heaviness of problems you are dealing with. You can learn to use a space of STILLNESS to change your life by solving deep-seated psychological problems, to balance yourself and to open your spiritual centers.

BIO: Elliott has been doing this type of energy transmission for nearly 30 years, having discovered that he could do it. He did not study to develop it and does not follow any established spiritual path. However he has seen that there are many valid ways of Connection and has learned much from various other teachings. 

Because he was fully engaged with his photographic work, it was not until several years ago that he began to offer public sessions like this one.
 He is known worldwide for his famous Sixties Rock ‘n Roll photographs, although he prefers his Impressionist Flower photos and a series he has taken of his wife, Linda, which they call, Love At Sixty. Some of this work can be seen at He is also developing LandyVision, an interactive music and video App which creates a way to watch, play with, and experience music and video. No additional information about this App is publicly available but please inquire if you are interested.

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SHARING STILLNESS zoom sessions are being given every Thursday night at 7pm EDT. The next SHARING STILLNESS is July 18th.

Topic: Sharing Stillness with Elliott Landy.

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